Paul B. Ellickson


Professor of Marketing and Economics

University of Rochester

Simon School of Business




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Paul B. Ellickson

Simon School of Business

University of Rochester

Rochester, NY 14627

Phone: (585) 273-1491

Fax: (585) 273-1140



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Š      2013 QME Dick Wittink Best Article Prize


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Š      2014 IJIO Paul Geroski Best Paper Award


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Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models in Continuous Time with an Application to Retail Competition (with Peter Arcidiacono, Jason Blevins and Patrick Bayer) Forthcoming at Review of Economic Studies. (preprint pdf)


Papers Under Review 


Competition and Dynamics in the Tone of Political Advertising Campaigns: Theory and Evidence  (with Mitch Lovett and Ron Shachar) Last Updated: 3/2016


Switching Costs and Market Power Under Umbrella Branding (with Polykarpos Pavlidis) Last Updated: 8/2015


Working Papers


Measuring Competition in Spatial Retail:  An Application to Groceries (with Paul Grieco and Oleksii Khvastunov) Last updated: 3/2016


The Dynamics of Retail Oligopoly (with Arie Beresteanu and Sanjog Misra) Last Updated: 4/2010


Subjective Attributes and Objective Firms (with Dan Horsky, Sanjog Misra and Paul Nelson)


Dynamic Asset Pricing in a System of Local Housing Markets (with Patrick Bayer and Bryan Ellickson) Last Updated: 10/2010


Competition by Design (with Sanjog Misra)


Commissioned Reports and Projects


“Minority and Female Ownership in Media Enterprises” with Arie Beresteanu, commissioned by the Federal Communications Commission for the Research Studies on Media Ownership project, published July 31, 2007 (


Current Research Projects


“The Single Cup Revolution” (with Mitch Lovett and Pianpian Kong)


“The Impact of Wal-Mart on Selection and Prices” (with Peter Arcidiacono, Carl Mela and John Singleton)


“Using Conjoint and Purchase Data to Price New Products” (with Mitch Lovett and Bhoomija Ranjan)